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Re: My first ghost on 20+ tower

Postby Ferret » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:13 am

Tower:20's not a bad run. :D I admit I might have been disappointed if your first run had been a win: I did expect the changes to make things tougher overall. :D

I'm glad you're enjoying the update, and thank you for the feedback. :D For the most part, it sounds like things are going as I'd hoped in regards to the results of the changes.

I still have the option to have different starting abilities per relic, and I'm starting to think I might use it, but only to a limited degree. i.e.: Imagine the current 14 starting abilities as a "base", each Relic might change 3-6 of them out for something else, or, alternatively, each Relic might have slight variations that are equal in overall powerful/usefulness, but still different overall. (For example: Titan's Fist might replace the 70 Power projectile Fire/Ice/Elec attacks with 85 Power melee Fire/Ice/Elec.) But, I would probably make one element of each type available per Relic regardless of how I decide to handle it: I don't want your starting Relic Upgrade so strongly tied to your starting ability that some elements are cut off entirely for you. That all said, in a similar vein, I'm reluctant to do anything that would cause starting ability to be the leading choice, rather than Relic Upgrade. I'll have to think about it more.

I will probably eventually add a Relic Upgrade that lets you reallocate your stats, but by first reducing them all to 5 (or perhaps even 1), rather than 10. This has uses beyond simply "reclaiming" these lost points: it also will let you reshuffle any mismatched Essences you've found, or let you change strategies entirely later in the game if for some reason that becomes desirable. (Like Revive Demon, it may be cooldown based rather than a credits cost. Haven't decided yet; as you can probably guess from Revive Demon's change in this light, I'm in the middle of re-thinking the purpose of Credits in the game.)

A few more options...3-5 total perhaps?... for starting demons is probably the most likely change to happen. I tried 1 mostly to stake out the most extreme territory and see how that plays out. If I do add more of them, like Homunculus, they all be semi-uniques (not actually Unique tagged... but never appearing normally in the Tower and having their own unique modifiers.) If I do do that though, expect the ability list on Homunculus' modifier to get nerfed a bit. I only gave him one that good because he had to cover all the bases by himself. :)

Sounds like Demon Preservation is working about like I'd hoped. :) Death March may take folks a little bit to get excited about... even with Lifeguard, you don't end up with a ton of MaxHP, BUT... it is assured to be enough to survive another bout of DP (assuming the demon was at 100% before the first death), and the full HP (even if only 55-60% of normal) is enough to be able to be semi-safe to use in battle again, particularly under well-considered circumstances. (i.e.: a support/ranged demon, especially if you have Far Summon to place them far from the action, or a demon who is resistant/immune to your current foes main attacks.)

Odd as it will sound given how "advanced" they probably seem, the no weaknesses / dupe demons bits were as much for new players as old. You have no idea how many people got stuck trying to figure out why a given fusion wouldn't work. (The dupe demon bit got less questions since the in-game documentation for it was better, but still had similar issues at times.) Once I realized I could balance properly around allowing them, it was far easier and more fun to do that than to wrack my brain trying to improve the UI to communicate the fail points better. :D

Thanks again for the feedback, and congrats on a strong showing in the new build :D

P.S.: I always forget to update the log feature. :(
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