First Impression Suggestions

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First Impression Suggestions

Postby Shoes » Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:56 pm

Hi gang,

Having played the game for a few hours, I thought I would my thoughts.

For starters, the game is a lot of fun. It plays really well, and there is very little unexpected behavior; my minions act as I expect them to act, the buttons do what they say, etc.

My few suggestions are: 1) Consider having an "enemies" list at the top right, similar to the "allies" list in the top left. It would make tracking buffs and debuffs easier. 2) Consider allowing the summoner to "negotiate" an ability copy from a demon the user has already recruited. For example, I was piling buffs on a Blessed Faerie I recruited, and found another Blessed Faerie in the tower that had buffs I wanted. However, I couldn't copy those buffs over because I already had a Faerie. I would have had to copy skills from Faerie A to a second demon, delete Faerie A, then recruit Faerie B, and copy the skills from second demon back to Faerie B.

This one is a bit of a UI bug: Shocking Stab and Shocking Spear have different wording for "inflict Shock", despite being the same thing. The meaning was the same, it just caught my eye. Maybe color coding some of those de/buffs in descriptions would make parsing the text quicker.

Again, great game! I wish I could play all day.
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Re: First Impression Suggestions

Postby Ferret » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:07 am

Hey Shoes. :D Welcome to the forum and thanks for trying Demon, I'm glad you're enjoying it so much. :D

An enemy list would be a bit of trouble to fit in to the current UI.. but I'll see if I can think of some other way to convey the same information. Perhaps a key you can hold down to swap the ally list for an enemy list temporarily? Though it'd need a mouse control too.. I'll give it some thought. :) Fair warning though: UI changes tend to make me grumpy, so I don't get to them with great haste in most cases. :D

Hmm.. I might be able to fix the other issue you mention by either 1) Allowing you to recruit a duplicate demon, but warning you that you'll have to immediately discard it... yet, like any other discard, you'd be able to fuse/copy from it first. 2) Removing the restriction on having two of the same demon, which is mostly a hold over from the source material (Shin Megami Tensei) rather than a well-thought out decision. :D

The wording difference between Shocking Spear and Stab is because Spear can potentially hit two targets. :D Color-coding buffs/debuffs isn't a bad idea, though some don't mention their debuffs by name (the stat bonus/penalty ones), but it could still be done, I'd just have to switch those over. :D

Thanks for the feedback! :D As a general disclaimer, work keeps me pretty busy these days, so I usually don't make promises on when I'll act on feedback even if I agree with it... but I take good notes, and I do, eventually, get to things. :D Good luck in the Tower!
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