Summoner AI Bug Fixed

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Summoner AI Bug Fixed

Postby Ferret » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:48 pm

Man I'm a dork sometimes.

So.. uh... basically... the combat AI for summoners was set up such that they prefer to choose summon locations based on a combination of what enemies are (or aren't) nearby versus the melee/ranged preference of the thing they're summoning. Sounds good so far, right?


One of the rules was "only summon melees next to enemies"...

...but of course, most summoners only have a summon range of ... well, 1.

Shockingly, this would mean that if you used only ranged attackers on a summoner, he could easily end up in a situation where his "which guy do I summon" AI was telling him "summon this melee dude!", but his "where do I summon him?" AI was throwing up its hands and saying "nope, no good place to put him".

A similar situation could also arise with the rule for "only summon ranged guys away from enemies" and a summoner who was in melee in such a way that all spaces adjacent to him (assuming he was a range 1 limited summoner) were either occupied by or adjacent to enemies. If such a summoner decided his best choice was to summon a ranged/support ally, he would continue to fail to do that over and over.

And just to make things worse, the value for summoning as an action was set rather low... low enough that even things like flinging AE nukes (non-fatal result expected) or single-target crowd control were high enough to overcome it. :P

The fix was shockingly simple: I raised the value of summoning actions by a fair bit, but more importantly, if the fancysmancy rules can't find a "good" place to summon a guy, they will instead simply take something that's available, even if it's perfect. :P
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