Ghost relocation program

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Ghost relocation program

Postby oneeyedjoe » Tue Aug 15, 2023 9:02 pm

Late game spoilers thread

Most discussions about this game happen in discord nowadays, but incase some oldtimers visit this forum occasionally might as well post it here too.
Recently in my run I managed to lure ghost with Source Image abilities from Apex 7 to tower 29, managed to defeat it and grabbed its Source demon Image, then turned my character into a ghost. Image On the next run I used ghost chime on tower 28 and lured in my own ghost with that Source demon, grabbed it and left ghost of that character on tower 28. Image
I think you get the picture. We need to bring end game abilities as low as possible via ghosts. Unfortunately I only managed to bring Source, although my second ghost also had demons with Hecate's and Shiva's modifier. End goal of that project is to have ghosts walking around with abilities from Apex floors just right after Anomaly 3. Ideally I want to see one of the starting demons with this Image ability while it's still isn't too far behind in levels. So if you manage to lure in a ghost with demons that have abilities from Apex floors, consider making a noble sacrifice and ctrl+q right at the end of that floor if you manage to snag that demon for yourself.

The big man himself gave as permission, just don't overdo it.
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