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Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:15 pm
by Ferret

The versions of Demon linked below are test builds. They may have ridiculously horrifying bugs of any and all kinds, including crashes, save file loss, unplayable or unwinnable content, and many other lesser issues.

If you find any issues in these test builds please post them in this thread, not the Bug Reports forum.

Though I will endeavor to fix critical/blocking bugs as quickly as possible, my work schedule remains an issue. I am typically only available limited times on weekdays, and a little more often on weekends, so even nasty bugs may go without new builds for several hours, or even a few days.

Finally, please remember it is extremely likely scores and ghosts will be wiped not only after testing is complete, but even between individual test builds if need be.

Thank you for helping test the Brand build. It's been a long time coming, and I hope it proves worth the wait! Good luck in the Tower!


Latest Test Build: 5/26/2019 5:15pm CDT



I will make new builds whenever I have critical bug fixes to deliver, or a large number of non-critical bug fixes. Known and in-progress bugs collected from this thread will be listed below.

Bugs Fixed In Next Build:
(none at this time)

Open Critical Bugs (highest priority, new build any time this list is cleared out):
(none at this time)

Open Non-Critical Bugs (will be fixed, but do not rate immediate builds):
(none at this time)

Previously Fixed Bugs:
* Fusion previews caused permanent changes in character Vitality. Ew.
* Relic Wraiths with Brands sometimes cause crashes when spawned.
* SP Tax brand modifiers should not apply to Basic Move, Basic Pass (causes crashes!)
* Using special movement to pickup a Currency item could cause an infinite pick-up loop.
* If a character with very low MaxHP loses Vitality due to a Brand, their MaxHP may reach 0 causing a crash/hang.
* Make sure Fusion and Soul Armor can't reduce MaxHP below 0.
* Force tooltips to the right-side if there is a confirmation waiting for the player to respond.
* Changing Vitality during level up should no longer change Max HP until you confirm. (This is already true, just forgot to put in notes.)
* Make Haunt/Harass/Possess use Charge cooldown, not Dark.
* Regen shouldn't usually win over removing Charm and Harden, in terms of AI evaluations.
* Adjust Apply Brand costs upwards.
* Find a way to prevent needing to go to Brand inventory after each Brand pickup to see what it was.
* Brands that toggle outside of combat and affect MaxHP/MaxSP can cause looping resting behaviors.
* SP display looks a little off is MaxSP is less than 100 (tooltip and character sheet)
* Need to prevent Last Used Element and Max SP Increase from showing up on Brands together.
* +SP cost Brands shouldn't affect reactives/auras, or 0 SP cost abilities like Meditate. (May be time to just get rid of +Flat SP Cost)
* Flash Heal can now self-target.
* Tormentor + Souleater + SP Brand bug? (Fixed descriptions.)
* Reduced Slow's AI Evaluation slightly.
* Turn acceleration should no longer work on Stoned or Sleeping targets.
* Increased SP cost of Miracles.
* Increased cooldown on Gaudium and Dolor.
* Cunning bonus Brands are still sometimes assigned to demons that don't use Cunning.
* Magic bonus Brands are still sometimes assigned to demons that don't use Magic.
* Need to at least one 5 SP Debuff ability. ("Flash" spells!)
* Miens erronously do not count as passives as far as Brands are concerned.
* AI needs to better account for Last Element Used Brand requirements.
* AI needs to better account for Stamina-related Brand requirements.
* Fixed a bug where deleted Brand persisted in the world.
* Tiny XP gains sometimes mean no MaxHP damage recovery.
* Fixed a freeze bug related to recent Brand AI upgrades.
* Reduced the Boon Bonus for stat decreases on Brands.
* Replaced Low Profile with Diehard on the Artificial modifier.
* Reduced Level-based growth of the -SP Cost% Brand Boon.
* AI values SP-related boons too highly.
* (hopeful ferret is hopeful!) Under some circumstances, all Brands appear at the center of the world.
* Cunning should not be valued by demons that only apply Chill.
* Blind status no longer interferes with Pariah status.
* AI now considers MaxHP bonuses/damage much more often in evaluations concerning HP.
* Fixed a bug with double Boon Brands and Relic Wraith/Mirror Chime demons.
* Brand conditions do not update on Stabled demons.
* Items can no longer spawn on top of portals, or other items.
* Strength and Agility Brands evaluate much lower (but not zero) if not used.
* Need diminishing returns on Brand strength from negative modifiers.
* Improve interface for receiving a Brand from a corpse (use same UI as pickup from world, maybe?)
* Fix Blind player + Protect captureables.
* Clarify what is being shown when "previewing" changing a Brand on a character.
* MaxHP values sometimes the wrong color during fusions when bonus/penalty HP is involved.
* Improved tooltip position-changing behavior somewhat.
* Corpse encounters do not use Brands yet.
* Finally found and fixed a bug that was causing AIs to evaluate, but then ignore, the penalties of negative Brand modifiers. Sure explains quite a bit. :(
* Removed Restore Saver from the list of possible Relic Upgrades.
* (content) Still some Brand modifiers not yet implemented; more will be added as testing proceeds.
* (content) Still need to add Brand-related relic upgrades; will be added as testing proceeds.
* (content) Still need to add a way to view older message log messages.
* Improve Speed penalty's boon bonus.
* Improve HP Regen boon's base strength.
* Reduce Speed boon's level-based growth rate.

Frozen Bugs (acknowledged, but will not be fixed for Brand release):
* (One report so far) Rare lockup between score posting and ghost posting steps. Score sticks, ghost doesn't.
* Focus Fire shouldn't allow pacifists to attack other targets.
* Factor overkill out of AI damage evaluations.
* Need an Auto-Consume, or Consume prompt, when deleting/fusing demons.
* Look into preventing using Vitae during non-critical resting.
* Auto-explore sometimes re-visits an abandoned Brand multiple times in a row.

Re: Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:35 pm
by wizzzargh
Hooray, instant bug reports, your favorite!
Picking up Sh-Fre brands seems to freeze the game reliably.
And the Mi-Rel brand too, at least when rebooting the same save file

Actually seems to be happening about the same time no matter what I do with this save file, might be related to some demon offscreen

Sent the save file(I think)

A new save file seems fine so far

Re: Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:36 pm
by Ferret
Eeek! Send me a save folder, if you would. :D

EDIT: Got the save file, having a lookiesee now. I'm actually oddly relieved it probably *isn't* related to picking up random Brands. :P

EDIT 2: Bloody hell, it even locked up the editor hard, no error output. What the heck?

EDIT 3: Found where it's stuck.. but I do not yet know why it is stuck there.

Re: Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:42 pm
by SummerSnowman
Game crashed in anomaly:1 too. I didn't have a Sh-Fre brand but I did have this stuff. How do I send a save folder?

Code: Select all

Po-Tra (Lv.1)
  HP equal to MaxHP
  Magic: +10
Mi-Du-Er (Lv.2)
  No active abilities
  Vitality: +8
  Strength: +8
In-Rel (Lv.3)
  No base SP cost above 20
  Max SP: +13
Ef-Sh-Cl-Fre (Lv.4)
  SP above 50
  Agility: -1
  Cunning: +6
  SP per Turn: +1.2
Po (Lv.4)
  Magic: +6
In (Lv.4)
  Max SP: +11
Sh (Lv.4)
  Cunning: +6
Ri-Co-Pl (Lv.4)
  No reactive or aura abilities
  SP Costs: -2
  SP Costs: -12%
Mi (Lv.5)
  Strength: +7
Mi-Fr-Fl (Lv.6)
  Last Used: Ice
  Vitality: -4
  Strength: +16
Qu (Lv.6)
  Agility: +7
Ri (Lv.6)
  SP Costs: -12%

Re: Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:44 pm
by Ferret
It varies based on OS, but here you go SummerSnowman: ... aPath.html

Once you find it, send it to at :) Thanks!

Re: Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:03 pm
by Ferret

Re: Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:05 pm
by wizzzargh
Not to interrupt but here's a weird one :D
The gandayah is perpetually healing a perfectly healthy goblin out of combat
save file sent

Also not a bug but I think Dr. West can keep his zombies this run, jinkies

Re: Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:08 pm
by SummerSnowman
I think I managed to send the save folder. Very unsure, though. It wasn't in the directory from the Unity link you sent me, but near the records folder instead.

Re: Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:11 pm
by Ferret
So... funny thing...

There are brands that give a flat SP increase to *all* abilities.

And I do mean *ALL* abilities.

Like... basic movement and basic... passing...

Wiz, your save file is locking up because a Gandayah on the level literally ran out of SP to move or even just pass its turn. :) The AI has no concept of how to handle a character with literally no valid moves because Basic Pass is supposed to always be valid. :P

Fixing now, then I'll look into the other one. :)

Happily, once this is fixed, it should be retroactive, so your save files will work fine.

Re: Brand Build Testing

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:11 pm
by Ferret
Hmm... nothing in my e-mail box yet Summer, but I'll check again after I add the fix for the SP tax brands :P