My first ghost on 20+ tower

The tower awaits!

Re: My first ghost on 20+ tower

Postby Ferret » Sat Nov 16, 2019 2:23 am

"Win more" had been my experience in testing the Auxes out (both originally before players could do this, and again before this release), so that makes sense. :)

Starting it with only Aux Power and Guard II is possible. It would mean you can't really do a pure "solo" run anymore (unless you're willing to run solo with just Power+Guard II, which that would be quite a challenge), but I'm not necessarily sure how important that is. It's certainly an option. Also wondering if I should insist on Aux Power/Guard III being 100% equal to permanent Heroism, given how many benefits player-controlled summoners already get that heroes and even AI summoners don't.

Yeah, I know TF breaks the economy, no surprise on that. :D I may have an answer for that at some point, but for now I'll let it ride.

Anyway, I'll keep thinking about these things. :) Not in a major rush to change it just yet regardless, just seeing what folks think. :) Thanks for the feedback. :)
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