PSA: Relic Wraith Persistence

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PSA: Relic Wraith Persistence

Postby Ferret » Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:32 pm

So, I'd previously agreed to keep the current version's Relic Wraiths active in the next version, and I'm going to do that. Keeping promises is important (which is why I try not to make many when it comes to specific development things. :P )

But all bets are off after the next version until we're out of alpha, at least. Trying to keep things functional for two rapidly diverging sets of data is not particularly awesome* nor a good use of dev time, having in common all the reasons cross-version save file support makes no sense for a game still in active development and not even system complete. :P Doing two sets once is bad enough, going into three, four sets... yeah, no.

That said: while I'm working, build cycles are probably going to be a bit longer anyway, so even with only one version to romp in, Relic Wraiths should have enough time to develop a good spread, long before the next wipe comes. Especially since the player count seems to be inching up a bit lately. :) (That's the real problem anyway: wiping Relic Wraiths every version becomes less of an issue as the player base grows. :D )

* - The particular offense that finally made me Officially Grumpy about it was I wanted to add some resistances to some of the Tier 2 modifiers (Buff, Debuff, Heal, Defense, etc.), but realized that this would potentially cause some Relic Wraiths to have "no weakness" demons... which, since they can be recruited by players, and then those players can die, would only cause the problem to grow over time even if it was never possible to create them directly. :P (Yes, this is partly my fault for not storing demon resistances directly for relic wraiths and instead relying on demon + modifier to compute them in an attempt to reduce the amount of data being passed to and from the toaster backend... ) Other minor offenses that helped make me grumpy about the matter: renaming abilities/modifiers suddenly becomes a problem, and some Relic Wraiths are probably somewhat nerfed due to not having Agility for newly-changed abilities that now require it due to hit properly to the Attenuation changes. Yes, I could make corrections for these, but it's a pretty frustratingly silly use of dev time, in my opinion, particularly when there's still so many disruptive changes likely to occur.
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