A little word on Tower:21+ and Tiers

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A little word on Tower:21+ and Tiers

Postby Ferret » Sat Feb 04, 2017 5:38 am

Just a heads up here while we're still a bit out. :)

I've always broken up the game, design wise, into 4 "tiers" of difficulty.

Tier 1: Tower:1-10, and equivalent side dungeons
Tier 2: Tower:11-20, and equivalent side dungeons
Tier 3: Tower:21-30, and equivalent side dungeons
Tier 4: Post-game content

As you can see, the new floors in this build (Tower:21, Tower:22, Tower:23, and two sanctums for uniques within them) will be the first Tier 3 content that I've actually implemented.

So what's a Tier mean anyway? Each Tier has certain "rules" that are followed by the demons, abilities, and mechanics introduced in them. For examples you may recognize from current content: Tier 1 demons and Tier 2 demons use different random modifiers, Tier 1 demons usually use no more than 85 Power melee and 70 Power ranged, but Tier 2 demons start moving towards 100 Power melee and 85 Power ranged. Tier 1 demons tend to use cooldown-restricted versions of nasty debuffs, Tier 2 demons often have SP-based ones that can be spammed if they wish.

It *should* be balanced... but, it should also be more difficult. :P Of course, since it's all the way up on Tower:21+, if you die up there, it's going to take awhile to get back there. I guess I'm just saying, be careful, once the time comes. :D
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