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Re: YAVP: Faithful heart, healing and fire.

Postby Ferret » Wed Mar 23, 2022 8:02 am

Congrats on another win. :D

Always nice to see Draw Wounds getting some exercise: it is one of the oldest abilities in the game, and still one of my favorites. :) It can make almost anything into a passable hybrid healer (who won't be distracted from their main role since it is a free action), and is still useful on an actual full healer by letting them heal two targets a turn or heavily heal a single target, provided they have a normal heal ability to go with it.

Also fun to read the Boon abilities getting tried out: they were in part an attempt to make it a little more possible to "focus" on buffs as a build strategy. Prior to them, buffs were useful, but there wasn't really much else to do with them other than grab them and use them. The Boons don't change how you use them really, but they were meant to provide some options for folks looking to build around them, which it sounds like they succeed at. :D


Jeanne definitely isn't easily killed by most groups, though happily, she is also rarely a deadly threat to most groups... unless you run into her with help. I've come to think of her kind of a moving roadblock rolling around on Tower:30 ready to make life difficult if the player is forced into a headless or hasty retreat. Enemy Sense goes a long, long way to reducing the danger of this though, as you demonstrated. :)

Heracles more or less demonstrates the limits of brute force. He's certainly powerful and scary, but he's vulnerable to pretty much any strategy other than trying to beat him at his own game. Most parties that reach Tower:30 probably have some way to poke holes in his game plan, so hearing he died sort of by accident isn't tooo surprising. :D Guan Yu by contrast is a much trickier fight for most parties: he's no slouch on raw power either, but his allies and his coordination with them makes him a bit harder to deal with in most cases.

Woden may secretly be one of the toughest links in the game. His resistances/immunities cover all of the usual high Power types: it is rare to see high damage builds focused on Mind, Matter, Light, and/or Dark but those are his only open elements. I'm not sure anyone has actually completed this link yet, come to think of it.

Congrats on actually linking with Prometheus. :D Any win is nice, but managing to recruit the final enemy is a nice cherry on top.


Thanks again for the report, and congrats again on the especially complete win. :)
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