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A QOL improvement

PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 6:53 am
by DiedToANero
There should be a way to swap between different game saves without closing out of the game entirely and reloading it. Currently shift + Q will save the game and close it, but there should be an option to go back to the starting screen. An option like this will make it easy to swap between saves.

Re: A QOL improvement

PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 9:59 pm
by Ferret
Hey DiedToANero, and welcome to the forum. :)

Multiple save slots were a blind spot of mine; Demon didn't actually have them until semi-recently (probably because I almost never have multiple games of roguelikes in progress at once myself.) and wasn't originally coded with the idea in mind, but I will try to figure out a way to handle this and put it in the next build. :D

Thank you for the suggestion, and good luck in the Tower!