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Some minion related ideas

PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:47 pm
by oneeyedjoe
I feel like mobs with minion status are severely underused. Adding a few more and spreading already existing ones into spawn tables could be good for better dungeon atmosphere.
For example, some peasants could be found in Ccoa's Sanctum, looking for that damn cat who destroyed their crops. They also could use at least one ability, what about a Ghost Bite reskin called Pitchfork stab?
For Turdak's sanctum and undead or necromancy related packs would go nicely some plain old school Skeletons. They could have similar to Turdak set of resistances, just swap dark immunity for weakness. As for abilities, they could just use their claws. Or if you feel particularly evil you can make skeleton archers.
For Baphomet's sanctum and late game holy packs templar knights would do the trick. Mini versions of Madevra, who wouldn't love that. :D
For nature related packs and sanctums you could add shamans. Not sure what they would do though, maybe give them some support abilities like cleansing dance and normalizing rain, not too powerful but still useful, shamans are well known for summoning rains with their dances after all.
For anomaly I had this mimic idea; what about a formless gooey mob without any abilities but with very very high speed, it would mimic the first thing it touches, including stats, level and abilities. They still would keep their minion status though.

Re: Some minion related ideas

PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 3:46 pm
by Ferret
These're pretty good ideas. :D I like minions too, so I should definitely be trying to use them more.

I keep meaning to get around to making a special Arcadia-like side dungeon for Reprobus, based on bandits, that'd have different types of bandit minions. :D I've also wondered about having groups of adventurers, following the usual archetypes, running about, though not necessarily as minion rank.

But I'm happy to have even more ideas for them, so thanks for the suggestions. :D