Make Counterattack more veil like

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Make Counterattack more veil like

Postby oneeyedjoe » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:37 pm

Counterattack gives you 50% chance to respond to attacks of adjacent to you enemies with 55 power attack. However, unlike almost every other reactive damaging ability (-riposte) it relies on agility. It also can be parried or blocked, procing heavy guard or riposte in the process. So you can get hit twice by 1 attack just by simply having that ability. Admittedly, heavy guard is a very rare ability, but one particularly pesky hero can do that blocking/parrying/slamming vombo combo to you if you happen to have counterattack. It comes in a pack with sure slice as a staring ability of titan's fist, which sort of promotes non-agility type of build.
I suggest make it not reliant on agility and reduce damage from 55 to 40 power with chance of procing staying the same, just like dark/light veils.
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Re: Make Counterattack more veil like

Postby Ferret » Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:57 pm

I'd be willing to make sure Counterattack can't trigger reactions, but we already have Spiny Veil for a non-Agility physical reaction. I do also agree it probably doesn't make sense for it to be paired with Sure Slash in a starting build.
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