A new sanctum: Apocalypse Sanctum

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A new sanctum: Apocalypse Sanctum

Postby StagnantSoul » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:08 am

What I'm suggesting is this: A Sanctum with four uniques to choose from, but you only get one. You'd start near the center of a very large sanctum, and it's rather barren enemy wise until you get to the corners. You'd be greeted with a unique monster with three minions, based on their sphere. They'd be based off the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

War, who'd be weak to mind and body, but resistant to all the physical damage, who'd have increased speed like Vikhor, block physical, bloodthirstier, soul eater, leadership, sure slice, and slash dance.

Pestilence, immune to body, weak to light and fire resistant to dark and probably matter when it comes about, who'd have flesh rot, venemous, poison veil, infectious, leech bite, and a new passive called Absorb Essence that increases HP regen based on visible poisoned and infected characters, more than warmth does since no SP regen.

Famine, weak to body and lightning, resistant to mind, light, and dark, who'd have gluttony, oppressor, energy siphon, life siphon, consume life, and hex.

And finally, Death, immune to dark, resistant to electricity, fire, ice, and weak to light, who'd have demon's mien, reaper's mien, weigh sin, emit void, spoil touch, and snuff out.

How you gain the monster is by helping it kill the other horsemen, and it's minions will accompany you as well. You have 100 turns to beat the other three, and you'd need a well made varied party most likely, as you'd have three separate sphere's to take on. I'd be stuck between Death and Pestilence, but they'd all be good.
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Re: A new sanctum: Apocalypse Sanctum

Postby Saler » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:36 pm

This is an interesting idea. I think 100 turns would be enough for a link like this, but traveling from corner to corner and resting might take a while. It certainly would make for memorable fights. It should be noted that without doing the link, this would probably fall on the easier side of Sanctums, seeing how there are just the 4 Uniques.
War seems to be the weakest of them all. Being weak to both Mind and Body is really bad. Poison++ could kill him through his defenses and Bloodthirst, and having a powerfull, fast melee demons Charmed sounds absolutely disasterous. Unless War looses Agi for more Str, Sure Slice probably wont be all that effective. And if he does, Slash Dance won't be all that effective. A good adjustment would be giving him a higher Tier attack (given his nythological importance, probably Tier 3 or 4), Leap Attack, Bloodlust and War Soul (or it's melee version. Don't remember which one is which). Those would make sense for him to have.
Pestilence seems to be the strongest one, having a storng skill set and good resistances. His main drawback is being weak to both Fire and Light, both of which get nasty late game. He also lacks AoE Poison/Infection,, but this could be fixed by having a Druj Nasu or a similar demon out. Would make sense for him to have Infection and Contaigion, but, gameplay wise, that might be a little much.
I would rank Famine above Death for his insane tankiness.He probably would be stronger if you would replace his Siphons with Touches, but both make sense for him to have, so there is no need for him to have Touches as his base skills. Also, Hex, while is a good skill, would probably cause him to lag behind and waste his SP, weakning his Consune Life.
Death has a good resistance set and solid skills. I don't remember which Emit attacks have which stats, but he should have the lowes Tier one, so that it won't share a cooldown with Snuff Out. Weight Sin night cuase him to lag bahind, so a gap close like Haunt could be nice. It also shares a cooldown with Snuff Out, but you would only Haunt at the begining of battle and Snuff Out close to the end.
One thing I don't like about this set of Uniques is that most of thier skill aren't that uncommon. Most of curent Uniques have skills that you would likely recruit them for, but, aside from Absorb Essence, those seem to be skill easily gotten elsewhere.
I'm guessing most of the problems with this idea come from your relative lack of experience.
Ferret wrote:It's funny because I mostly intended them to be a support unit: the one attack and the high Strength were more a nod to them being bears than anything else. :D
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Re: A new sanctum: Apocalypse Sanctum

Postby StagnantSoul » Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:08 am

Aye, I am relatively new, so this would likely not be the final shape of it, just how they'd generally look.
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Re: A new sanctum: Apocalypse Sanctum

Postby Ferret » Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:38 am

The four horsemen are bound to make an appearance at some point... I haven't decided if they'd be near the end of the main dungeon (i.e: Tower:28+ or so), or part of the mythical post game I probably won't be working on for at least another 5 years? :D

A mutually exclusive recruitment for the 4 of them is an interesting idea. For that matter, it's an interesting twist on the mutually exclusive pairs in general, so even if I didn't use it for the Horsemen, I might use it for something else :D

Don't let a lack of experience stop from posting suggestions though; feedback and suggestions are always valuable to me, regardless of the source or how new they are to the game. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Re: A new sanctum: Apocalypse Sanctum

Postby StagnantSoul » Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:36 am

Glad you like it! Getting better and further, managed to get all the way to and beat my first glitch in that sanctum you reach in anomaly 2, those things are weird... And frustrating. Caught two of it's buddies but died for my efforts, at least I got to see stronger monsters and their abilities.

On the mutually exclusive duo thing, is it supposed to happen that Arty doesn't show up when taming Achteon? It happend to me twice in a row, but the third she did finally show up.
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