Scandinavian Suggestions:

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Scandinavian Suggestions:

Postby Chumsie » Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:21 pm

I've only just gotten my hands on the game and while I'm not particularly far, I still do have a few suggestions. Namely I'd like to suggest a number of Scandinavian demons for the pool that always get overlooked in every single RPG ever, without fail even. despite having some really cool ideas behind them. I apolegize if any of the below suggestions are already in the monsterpool - I don't want to spoil myself. :)

Valravn/Valraven - A danish fey creature that's basically a raven/wolf hybrid, who was once a human (traumatized soldier, who died in combat, in some stories - evil crook in others) with a thing for murdering childrens; especially young boys as it needs their blood in order to reobtain its human form. The Valravn posseses some shapeshifting capabilities and is capable of speech. Suggesting them because it's a bloody raven/wolf - and that's just cool.

Mylling: Another danish fey creature/spirit and a mighty nasty one at that. The Mylling is either an aborted feutus (yes...) or the spirit of a child who died prior to being baptized. It stalks young, strong men whom it will torment and haunt until they agree to bury it in hallowed ground. Unfortunately for the Mylling's victim, the Mylling will insist on sitting on the victim's back when they dig the grave and it will become larger and larger the closer the job gets to being done - most likely crushing the victim with its sheer weight in the process. Suggesting it because its obscure and such a nasty little creature. Plus its a monster baby!

The Nøkke/Nökke/Nix: The pinnacle of evil feyfolk in scandinavian mythology. The Nøkke appears as a vaguely humanoid creature, somewhat resembling an elderly man with elongated limps, long algie-like hair and glowing eyes, who hides in rivers and lakes for some poor sod to come within reach - so it can drown them. It is stronger and faster than any man and should it go for a year without drowning someone, it will start chanting a spell that will force a young man from the local village to drown himself - because its just that mean.

Helhest: Danish/German monster that appears as a sick and malnourished horse (or the corpse of one) that's missing one of its hind-legs. The Helhest dosen't actually *do* anything... unless driving anyone who sees it mad with fright and causing them to die shortly after looking at it counts as a 'thing'.


On an entirely different note I'd like to request the option to remap the games keybindings - or for someone to show me how to do it in the gamefiles. Because I, for one, despise using the numpad and would much rather use WASDQEZX - like a sane person. :mrgreen:

And on a completely third, but final, note; I can't help but feel like Demon currently dosen't offer much in terms of "wizardy" skills. Or rather, I don't really *feel* like a wizard while playing a wizardy build. I reckon this is largely due to the Mind skills being a tad too focused on screams, stares and psychic mumbo-jumbo. Either that or there's just no room for skills called Magic Missle, Prismatic Bolt (you get the picture) within the current damage type pool. I'd therefore like to suggest either an "Arcane"-ish damage type - maybe with an emphasis on SP manipulation or random effects?

EDIT: Fullscreen mode would be a treat too. :D
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Re: Scandinavian Suggestions:

Postby Ferret » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:05 pm

Hi Chumsie, and welcome to the forum :D

Those're pretty cool myths. :D Scandinavian mythology is a bit under-represented at the moment, so I'll see if I can sneak one in to the next batch of monsters (which will be with the build that adds Matter!) Valraven and Helhest are my favorites of the bunch: Valraven because of the unique appearance, Helhest because of the cool/unique appearance plus "vague" myth that gives me extra freedom when deciding on abilities. :D Mylling is actually pretty similar to many other myths (unborn children / unbaptized children turning into X is a pretty common theme), some of which are already in Demon, such as the Sankai. Nix is neat, but I feel like I'd need water first. :D

I don't have remapping support, but there IS an option for enabling IJKL based movement, at least. Not WASD though, alas. :(

Mind does get some less-psychic feeling stuff later, but I agree most of it is flavored that way. You've correctly guessed the reason things like Magic Missile aren't around, though actually... Matter might not be a bad home for those? Prismatic Spray could actually be handled by currently available effects/ability code, just haven't done it. :D

If you want "Wizard" like abilities, I think you'll be happiest with some combination of Fire, Ice, Electricity, Body, Mind, and Debuff. Between them, they cover a fair bit of traditional wizard ground, though I'll confess they aren't going to be like a stereotypical wizard in any case.

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. :) Good luck in Tower!
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