Quick Summon and Dismiss deactivate on cooldown

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Quick Summon and Dismiss deactivate on cooldown

Postby Ferret » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:42 pm

Couldn't remember who suggested it or where, but tis done: Quick Summon and Quick Dismiss shut off when they're on cooldown, allowing you to also summon/dismiss normally the same turn you summoned/dismissed as a free action.

For the moment, this is going to be slightly OP probably, but the UI issue was annoying enough where I'm willing to live with that. When the point buy system for upgrades goes in in a later build, these will probably be among the most expensive upgrades, and probably have a pre-reqs ("Fast Summon" and "Fast Dismiss": 1/2 turn cost for using Summon and Dismiss) to boot. Crown of Glory would probably start with either just one set of them (i.e.: Fast Summon + Quick Summon) or both pre-reqs (i.e. Fast Summon + Fast Dismiss), depending on how the costs work out.

Though, even in pain there will be benefit, since Fast Summon/Dismiss would continue to work when using your "2nd" Summon/Dismiss after a free one. :P
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