"Show Suggestion" set to "Off" still shows level up

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"Show Suggestion" set to "Off" still shows level up

Postby RedPine » Wed Dec 01, 2021 11:08 am

Disabling Show Suggestions still makes the transmutation icon flash when a level up is available. This is a little annoying in the early game, when I don't need levels and am still letting the RNG of what I find dictate how I build my character.

There is already a feature that prompts me to spend level up points when I use portals. This feature is enough to make sure I don't forget to spend valuable level ups.

If suggested icons had a steady glow, instead of pulsing rapidly, they would be far less annoying, and I probably wouldn't want to disable them at all.
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Re: "Show Suggestion" set to "Off" still shows level up

Postby Ferret » Wed Dec 01, 2021 2:35 pm

Well, I'd have agreed it was a bug, except...

Code: Select all
// Skip almost all it if the relevant option is turned off.
if(OptionManager.showSuggestions.setting == YesOrNoOption.Setting.No)
   // Some things override the show suggestions option...

   // Level Up
   if(!m_pingTransmutationsButton && Demon.player.attributes.bonusPoints > 0)
      m_pingTransmutationsButton = true;
      m_transmutationSuggestion = TransmutationSuggestion.LevelUp;
      return CommonAbilitySet.Get(CommonAbilityId.Transmutations);            
   return null;

...apparently past me decided level ups were important enough to show the ping for even if you said not to. This was probably before the addition of the prompt when using portals. I'll reconsider on this and probably change this to respect the option setting instead of ignoring it.
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