Consume/Recycle Bug with De-Leveled Demons

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Consume/Recycle Bug with De-Leveled Demons

Postby Ferret » Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:18 am

This one at least was sneaky. Thanks to Geminimax for the report and save file to fix it with.

Wraiths who had very high level demons spawn with them de-leveled to something fair for the player facing them.

...sometimes, to a level lower than their starting level...

Consume and Recycle... in particular Consume!... base their effects off the distance from starting level.

I'm sure when I wrote that code I thought "how could it possibly be negative, LOL?" :P

Well, it can be now! :D You haven't lived until you've seen a Relic Wraith kill itself by trying to Consume at ally. Or worse, drive its own SP negative and lock up the AI because it can't find any abilities that can be used with negative SP... even Basic Pass requires 0 :P

This will be fixed in 12/12, which will be uploaded shortly.
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