Wraith MaxHP incorrect

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Wraith MaxHP incorrect

Postby Ferret » Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:31 am

So uh... sigh. I missed a medium sized bug. :P

Relic Wraiths currently always initiate with Level 1 HP, regardless of their actual level, because some silly person forgot to initialize their Damageable component properly. :)

This will be fixed in the 12/12 version.

It is tempting to update the scoring model again... but that would under the current server rules basically also be a ghost wipe, which I'm not willing to do since we've already got a good collection of ghosts. So reluctantly, I'm going to keep the scoring model at 12/11, even though I suspect some players will keep the 12/11 version so they can fight easier ghosts. Alpha game is alpha, so I'm not going to sweat it too much. Besides, blitzing down enemy summoners is not always the best idea anyway :)

Important note: Whether ghosts experience the bug or not depends only on the version the ghost appeared in, not which one it generated in. I did that much right at least :P Most of the "conversion" process for ghosts happens locally when spawned, not locally when created or remotely on the server, so it's easy to fix stuff like this with new builds. :P So, all the current ghosts will have the correct HP when they spawn in the 12/12 verison.

Though I'm calling it the 12/12 version, it will actually be out very shortly here, but I hate doing letters or subversions so I'm just going ahead and calling it 12/12.
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