Whoops! Vitality :P

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Whoops! Vitality :P

Postby Ferret » Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:24 pm

I'm filing this one myself as a sort of mea culpa.

There has, for some time, apparently been a bug with Vitality causing it to have less impact than it was supposed to. This is in fact something two players separately told me they suspected was happening. :P In my defense, the bug is such that the actual impact of it was rather small for characters with 1+ vitality/level, but it was there. :P

This will be fixed in Resting Hamster 3. :P

The "technically correct" thing to do would have been to just fix it... but this would have resulted in about a 25% drop in maximum HP for characters with minimum Vitality.

If that number and phrasing sounds familiar, it's because that is about the same thing the first pass of the Strength upgrade did to low Strength characters, and it worked out kind of nastily for them, making them a bit more fragile than should be possible in Demon. :P

So, I did just fix it, but then I also bumped base HP up enough where the penalty is no worse than 10% off of previous values, and that only if you leave Vitality at 1. I'm a little more okay with this for two reasons:

1) 10% is not 25%.
2) Vitality has a much more obvious connection to survivability than Strength does. If someone assigns not so much as a point to Vitality ever, I'm okay with them taking a tiny hit for it.

The only downside is that I really wish I wasn't doing something that's actually going to be a buff for "hit me" builds. :P Well, if "hit me" builds can ever get off their current addiction to Strength. :P

Anyway, it's fixed in resting hamster 3. Deciding whether or not "hit me" builds bother me and how to fix them I'll leave for another day.
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